Length of Service and Tenure


Hi, I'm currently having trouble figuring out the Length of Service List and Tenure columns in the SYS08 Sales Reps Details module. There is a Length of service module already built, but it is blank. So I am unsure what to base the population of this column on. Also, I built a Reps tenure range module to calculate the the tenure of each sales rep but I am struggling on how pull this back into the SYS08 Reps Details module. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


(SYS08 Sales Reps Details module)


(Length of service pre-built module)


(Sales Rep tenure range module)



  • @jjconn13 

    A few steps need to pull this data across into SYS08.

    1. Update the summary settings in QU08 Sales Reps Tenure.Tenure Band to LASTNONBLANK.
    2. Use the following formula in SYS08 Sales Rep Details.Length of Service List; =QU08 Sales Reps Tenure.Tenure Band[SELECT:TenureBandList.All]


  • Thank you for the response, Chris. I have managed to solve the issue. 

  • Hi,@jjconn13 @ChrisAHeathcote,


    Can you please help me to clarify few doubts:


    1) Significance of QUO05 Module, How to get Code and number line item.

    2) QUO06 Module -  Do we need to compare the QUO05 Number line item with QUO04 Low and High tenure?

    3) SYS07 Module - I calculated the completed years as the difference between the current period and the start date. I think it needs to be calculated in days. How to calculate the same?



  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote ,

    How are you?

    I have a question for calculating the redistribution factor using TAR02 and TAR03 modules.  I want to know how to calculate the sum of all accounts except the account that was overridden or held.

    I have a question about Held or Revised too. Does this item contain only Hold or Override Value? What is the item "To Change" in the TAR02 Account Review module. What is the "Check" in the TAR03 Module?


    Any hint/clue is much Appreciated.


    Thanks in advance!


    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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