App Categories to reflect uses cases / processes from Honeycomb


I mentioned that customers started to tailor apps towards individual roles or sub-processes within a use cases. This means, there may be 5-6 apps connected to one model containing the end-to-end FP&A process. Personally, I really like this approach because it sets the focus on the business objective. The app for "Capital Cost" for example would entirely focus on the planning and management of investments, while "Revenue & Sales" would focus on the sales figures. Customers tend to manage also Business Roles on app level and not really on individual pages.


Overall this can cause quite a number of apps being created, making it difficult for the end-user to find the right one. 


As an end-user I want to categorise apps according to use cases or business roles so that I can find quickly the required app. The Home screen should also allow filtering, sorting, favorites and search by categories.


Amazing would be if "Home" can be visualised like a Honeycomb. When clicking on FP&A it would show / highlight all the apps associated with the process / use case. 


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