I want to check only April from the period




I want to check only April from the period.

The reason is to use the cumulate function.
I'd like to check only April in Boolean, is there any good way?

As a concrete content, I want to check only in April of FY19-FY22 (month period)

I am not good at English and may not be able to communicate well, but thank you.

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  • AntonMineev
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    Hi @KubotaNatsuki!

    I didn't fully understand the question. But if you want to define April in each year as "Boolean", then you can use the formula "Month(ITEM(TIME))". It returns the month number from ITEM(TIME). If the return is 4 (it is better to indicate this in a separate LI, and not as a hardcode), then by comparing the indicators you will receive TRUE for all April.

  • KubotaNatsuki

    Thank you for your reply!!

    I was able to do what I wanted to do!

    Thank you!



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