Quota/Tenure mismatch

Hi, I just noticed I have a different Quota amount for Mckenzie Rozell (Sales Princiapal with 2 yrs experience) than from the checkpoint example. Since the Quota is being pulled based on the role and tenure, I looked back at my data it seems to be pulling correctly. Just want to make sure this won't cause any issues down the line for data reconciliation and the exams. Please see the below screenshots. Thank you!


(Check point in lesson - Mckenzie Rozell Quota = 1,250,000)


(My module Mckenzie Rozell Quota = 1,500,000)


(Source module where Quota data is being pulled from - Sales Principal with 2-5yrs)


(SYS Rep Details module - Mckenzie Sales Principal with 2yrs experience so 2-5yrs category for tenure)



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  • Misbah
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    Which means your logic is wrong. For Example Rozell has a start date of 9/1/2018 and your current period I assume would be Jan 20, how is your Model calculating it to be more than 2 years of a Tenure? It is simple math, It surely is 1-2 years. 


    Go back to SYS07 module and verify how are you calculating the number of years. Once you verify and correct then you will have to see if Tiering works perfectly which is in QUO06 module, but QUO06 is driven by QUO03, QUO04 and QUO05 Input Modules





  • @jjconn13 


    Rozell should fall under 1-2 Years of Tenure and NOT 2-5 Years, that's the reason your Quota is higher than expected. Check QUO06 module and get it corrected before you move on.


    Yes there are questions based on these calculations, so you will answer those incorrectly if you proceed without fixing this.



  • Thank you for your response, @Misbah. Although, when I alter the calculation in the QUO06 module to fix this issue, it seems to throw off other tenures since there is an overlap in thresholds in some cases (e.g. 1-2yrs and 2-5yrs OR -10-0yrs and 0-1yrs). How do you know where to put them since 2yrs and 0yrs exists in both ranges? Maybe I'm just overthinking this. Also, in one of the training screenshots, it looks like sales reps with 2yrs experience were categorized as 2-5 yrs. Please see below screenshot. Thank you. 




  • @Misbah Ok understood. My mistake was that I was only calculating based on the whole year difference (e.g. 2020 minus 2018) and not taking into account the month and day. Thank you.