Previous Value in a Dummy Time Dimension


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We are developing a module using a dummy time dimension as the planning needs to be done for a period of 3 months. So just to save the space instead of using Anaplan Time dimension we have created a list with a subset for three months to be used in planning.


Now we have few line items as below where we calculate the opening stock and the closing stock value.

Challenge I am facing is that the opening stock of the month June 21 should be the closing value of May 21, but as we are using a dummy dimension unable to use previous and any other system lookup because of circular reference.


Is there any solution fir the same or any other way to use 3 month dimension for planning without taking much space.





Expected Values are below




In Qtr also we need Opening Value as 100 and Closing as 110 in Q1.



  • @NakulAggarwal 

    Use a real time dimension so that you can utilise the time functions and map your fake time to real time.

    The actual time periods are irrelevant as you only need to utilise real time so you can use PREVIOUS() therefore create a dedicated timeframe just for this purpose and automate the mapping somehow. 

    All the calculations are performed using the real time dimension and the mapping and then presented using the fake time list. 

  • Misbah



    Since Closing stock is dependent on the Opening Stock, you can not get the previous value of Closing Stock in the Current Period of Opening Stock - running into circular references.


    The best way & I think the only way as @ChrisAHeathcote mentioned is to use Anaplan Timescale and then map it back to Custom Timescale



  • HI @ChrisAHeathcote ,


    Yes following the same, thought of getting brilliant ideas from you guys or who has faced the same issue.


    Thanks for the revert.

  • Hi @Misbah 


    Thanks for the suggestion. That's the only way around we can figure out for now. Thought if someone had faced the same issue and have any other way to resolve this. 

  • @NakulAggarwal 

    I have used this approach many times and it works well.

    Just ensure that you are able to automate the mapping.

    Good luck.