Anaplan Summary calculation, conditional formatting


I'm stuck in a particular case. 


I have a flat module that is is dimensioned by "Test Cases". This module looks to accept attributes for test cases manually entered/selected by the end users. The attributes are Test Case Name, Number, Country, Date, Category etc. Particular line items like Country and Category being list formatted where the user will have to select them from a drop down. 


I use a concatenation of Name-number and Date on a different module, say Module 2 at "All test cases" level (summary). I need to bring in conditional formatting based on line item 'Category' (which is list formatted on the flat module)


Can someone help me on this particular case. I tried different method but I'm not able to get category based on the concatenated value at all all test cases summary level.


  • Misbah


    Not sure what you are trying to achieve - snips would have been helpful.


    However any list formatted line item can have three Summary methods ie.,  Formula, FirstNonBlank, LastNonBlank. Based on the Summary method your Module 2 will pull the values from Module 1.