Display Week number when selecting values for Line Items of type date


As a model builder I want to be able to format/customize the display and selection for Line Items of type date in order to provide a better user experience.


Currently there is no customization available meaning that an end user could select any value and, depending on the use case, the user might also need to type the data manually instead of using the standard pop-up.


Also, the standard pop-up value doesn't appear to be customizable like in outlook where you can add the week number as well. For some user this week number if of great help.


Example of AS IS 



Example of same pop-up with added week # (highlighted).


Also, it would be great to have some sort of out of the box validation/driver within the pop-up/user selection (similar to what's available for other type of line items)



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  • Week number will be very helpful! Especially for the tools where data can be added at a day level and then is aggregated to a weekly level. E.g. promo tools

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