Summing a percentage of a list amount from one module to another


Here is my situation:


I have a module that contains a $ amount for a list of accounts , I am then mapping those $ amounts to another module that contains line items that I have in a List. 


In my screenshot you can see in Line item Mapto contains values of the list as well as Line Item Mapto2 contains values of the same list. However, I need the percent allocation of the Mapto list items to match the % allocation in % Map to 1 and % Map to 2. 


Here is a breakdown:


Module 1 contains $1000 for account X

Module 2 contains a line item for Y 

Module 3 is mapping X to Y by using a List that contains (Y,Z,A,B,C etc) 


I am summing the list values from Module 3 to produce the value in Module 2


The issue I am having is that I need a % of Y to be pulled from X while the other % will go to another value in the list such as B or C.


How can I accomplish this? 


  • TimPeterson

    Can you use two sets of mapping lines in Module 3? MapTo1 and MapTo2, and then in Module 2 use a formula of Module 1 $[SUM: MapTo1] + Module 1$[SUM: MapTo2]?