Ability to Export Adhoc from NUX

Unlike Classic, New UX doesn't have the option of allowing users to export the module/view from the dashboard directly without the pre defined actions.

Idea is to provide the option to the end users so that they can export the data without running any pre defined export actions.

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  • @Misbah do you mean exporting like you can in classic so being able to add list properties (such as code) and the various formats?

  • Nope, the idea is to have an ability to simply export out like we had in classic. We used to right click on the grid->Data->Export (If the model builder had provided that option to users)

  • @Misbah, Do you mean this option is not available for the end-users?image.png


  • @kavinkumar 


    This is exactly what was the rationale behind sharing the idea. You know what, I have used this feature multiple times but still I could not think of removing the idea from the forum. This idea is outdated - need to get rid of this one


  • @Misbah, okay got it! Should have an option to delete the idea. Or if you have the option to edit, just mention at the top/bottom highlighting this idea has been considered and delivered.

  • @Misbah - will have to raise an idea then for my idea! 😉

  • Not sure where this idea is at... after the above comments, but I would imagine that the export should have all the options as the classic UX e.g. adding labels. 

    The current export functionality in new UX does not allow this, and it's not feasible to create actions for every custom view that all users need...


    Would be great if that is possible!

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