Conditional Import


I have two columns, Column A and Column B. 


Column A is a manual input and column B is populated by an import action of the data of Column A. I have created a sperate module with Boolean checks to make the data of Column B not editable using write access driver. However when I run the action to populate column B new list members the data that's not editable in column still gets also gets updated. Is there a workaround for this issue, would like to know where I am going wrong. 


  • @Sachinsourav02 

    You need to create a saved view which only contains the items in column A that should be copied into column B. Use a filter to do this based on the DCA settings which control the Write access. 

    Then use this filtered saved view in your import action.


  • Hey thanks for that and I was able to achieve it. Just wanted to check for my better understanding, is there a simpler way than this ? Can I avoid an import action ? And simply get the values from Column A to column B with a formula wherein changes made to values in column A does not impact column B
  • @Sachinsourav02 

    Yes, create a module dimensioned by the list. Add a boolean line item and check those items which are allowed to be copied over. 

    In the column B line item use =IF ListModule.Boolean THEN Column A ELSE 0

    Only values that correspond to the checked items in the first module will be visible in column B.

  • @Sachinsourav02  It depends who launches the import action to update the Column B ( a workspace admin user or a normal user)


    If the import action is launched by a "NON-workspace admin" user, the values from the Column B will not be updated if the user has read-only access for those cells. In the action will appear the message of the cells "ignored" and the values will be preserved. 


    If the import action is launched by a workspace admin user, those cells will always be updated, even in the module, the cells are shown as "read-only" also for the workspace admins. 


    Currently, the workspace admins bypass the security on the cells that have read-only access and they can update the read-only cells. 


    You can kudo this idea exchange if you would like that this behavior to be changed:




  • suika game

    This suggestion completely helped me overcome the same situation as mentioned at the beginning of the article.