Ability to Repoint the Pages before Archiving the Model


When the Prod model needs to be archived all the Pages associated to that model vanishes. Idea I am proposing is to allow admins/page builders to repoint the pages before the model gets archived.


Current workaround is that we create New Prod before Old Prod is archived and then repoint the pages from old to new Prod. But this has its own limitations which is Space.

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  • Indeed it is quite a pain that the NUX Apps vanish together with the archived models without any possibility to see the apps linked to archived models...There is no way to "see" anywhere the Apps linked to the archived models. 


    As a workaround for the issue with the space limitations, it can be created an intermediary model created as copy from BIG PROD model using the "Create Model from Revision" and have an empty model (very small one) to connect to the NUX App before archiving the BIG PROD model. 


    Hope it helps


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