Power Function Error


POWER function is unable to calculate all equations correctly.


Cube root of '-8' is '-2'


But when I tried the "POWER(-8, 1 / 3)" calculation, it resulted as "NaN" (shown in Image)

Best Answer

  • Akhilesh9025

    Thanks for the reply @Misbah
    I have a complex formula where POWER was causing the issue and I used the similar workaround by putting a conditional statement on the equation that is inside the power function but wanted to check if there are any better options.
    Please let me know if you come through any other efficient solution

    Thank You Once Again


  • I've flagged this up with our developers who are discussing. It is currently a limitation and potentially something that could be made to work. Unfortunately I have no workaround for you...

  • Misbah


    Although it looks like the limitation on the product side. Here is what you can do


    You can make the negative number into Positive, Apply POWER function to it with "-" sign.