Is there any way i can convert number to text format but still following the number format for comma


Unable to convert number to Text following comma format, Could anyone help me out of this problem?




Thanks in advance






  • @sarathchinta1 


    May I ask what exactly are you attempting to accomplish?  Why are you wanting to turn a number into a text?  I ask because that formula is nasty from a performance standpoint.



  • For Requirement. But Problem has been solved. Thank you for your immediate response.

  • Thank you for immediate response. That would be great way to solve my problem.

  • I would challenge that requirement!
    You should try to avoid using text and converting numbers to text seems unnecessary.

    Have a look at my recent article, Memory Usage From Text Concatenation  the same info applies here. Text manipulation creates a lot of memory overhead and uses (and throws away a lot of) memory in the calculation.

    This can lead to problems at large scale model sizes.