Anaplan Live! Spotlight: From Business Process To UX Design


More than 100 people joined our April Anaplan Live! Spotlight to hear about why it's critical to start with the business process when designing a new application. If you missed the live session, you can watch it on-demand below! During the event, audience members got to connect live with our speakers to get all their questions answered. Thank you @jan_sypkens@BenGee, and @nebisht for a wonderful and informative session!

If you have follow-up questions or want to leave a message for our speakers, please feel free to post them in the comments below!


  • The workflow processing presented seems to be all custom-built ; I know there is a beta of Anaplan workflow functionality (that came out back in 2019), are there plans of releasing that workflow beta functionality anytime in the near future? As the on-demand course for workflow outlines the "beta" functionality, but if you just do a generic search for workflow, it presents a video outlining the original workflow of Anaplan which is really basic/rudimentary & doesn't play in the new UX space. Other software tools seem to have workflow type functionality built-in so just wondering if going fwd in Anaplan, we'll always have to build-out a "customized" workflow solution.


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    Yes as you gathered the model that was presented uses extensive Dynamic Cell Access modelling to achieve the workflow steps and to lock the model at various stages of approval. There are plans for process orchestration to be introduced in the future. I would suggest reach out to your customer success business partner who can facilitate a roadmap session that can showcase what is planned for the future.