Single Sign-On Authentication for APPS in NEW UX



For all the Planners/WSA, SSO authentication is not working through the APPS login in the NEW UX. But SSO is enabled, and it is working appropriately with the classic dashboard login.


Note: We are managing the workaround. The workaround will be, first, login to the model and then log in to the APPS.

I request Anaplan to provide a solution to allow users to log in to APPS with the SSO. 


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  • This would be really helpful.  I was thinking some way of creating a URL which combines the SSO login and the App page, so when the user clicks on the URL it first authenticates them with SSO then takes them to the specific App page.

  • thank you, CQuonoey. we tried that doesn't work.

  • @pidalav  Not sure I understand the issue.

    I was able to connect to Anaplan and open a direct URL of an App's page using the SSO login. 


    When I open the first time in the browser, I need to give the SSO credentials...but after that, it worked. 

    And any time I navigate in the browser using the App page URL works. 

  • @alexpavelPlanners are expecting to login into the APPS without prompt for credentials for the first-time login as the planners are authenticating through the SSO. As we know that, the planners can log into the Classic dashboards without provided credentials because we set the SSO authentication. Therefore we are requesting Anaplan to provide a solution to allow users to login into the APPS with the SSO authentication. 


    FYI: I replicated the scenario with Anaplan and Anaplan requested to log an exchange idea in the community.


  • Yes, it is requested to secure that deep links to specific NUX pages does not give logon prompts for SSO users.

    Deep links to a specific page can be generated by any user by pressing the 'share this page' icon. If the user is not logged onto Anaplan he/she gets redirected to the Anaplan front door login page. Most SSO users are not accustomed to login through the Anaplan from door login page since SSO bypasses this cleanly. The request is for a solution allowing for the user to bypass the login and connect directly to the desired page.

    It is actually possible to manually enhance the link, so it bypasses the SSO logon screens by concatenating following 3 elements:

     1. the standard SSO link e.g. 

     2. ?redirect_uri=  

     3. The page sharing link

    (credits to Alan Douglas, Anaplan)

    Maybe there could be an admin option of activating per Anaplan customer, that this SSO-part are automatically added for any page link. It might be acceptable if these links thereby only work for users with the standard company SSO logon (might not work for external consultants with own SSO)

  • Thanks @KristofferHalle, very useful information.


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