Filters rows in a sequence



I need the rows in sequence even after applying the filter in the module. I  have a transactions list which is a flat list and two line items Email address and ISnotblank?. I need only the non blank rows in a sequence.


Generally when I apply filter the rows will be jumbled but I need the rows to be in sequence.

Before applying filter screenshot


After applying the filter check out the rows after 6, its 11 I need in the sequence, similarly 17 to 20 18 and 19 is missing.


Any idea how to build this? Need help 



Riyaz Pasha



  • Hello @riyazpasha 

    You can use the CUMULATE function


    Create a line item that is 1 if the email is not blank ELSE 0. I've caleld it Include?)

    Then, you create a line item that will contain your key in sequential order (In the example, I have called it Sequential) and the formula should be


    CUMULATE(Include?, FALSE, Key)


    Key being the dimension of your module


    Then, when you filter for non blanks, you will have a line item with sequential numbering







  • Hi @fabien.junod ,


    Thanks for the reply. But what Iam trying to look is if I filter for non blank then the key should in a sequence manner.


    In the screenshot that I see 1,4,8,13 is a key(List) I want this to be in a sequence even if I filter for non blank.



    Riyaz Pasha

  • Hello @riyazpasha 

    I understand. The  only possibility that comes to mind is to create an import action.

    1) Option 1

    You create another module dimensioned by the same Key and you import the saved view with non blank emails from the original module and you use "Sequential" line item to map to the Key


    2) Option 2

    Same as above, but you create an import into the same module. The goal is to end up wih all non blank email at the top.

  • @riyazpasha 

    To build on @fabien.junod idea, you could achieve this by using a numbered list potentially. I have set the display name in a property for the list to be equal to the TEXT(Rank). 




    As things in the filter get checked or Unchecked, it works exactly as Fabien's Suggestion. 


    As I apply the filter it only shows the sequential numbers: