Combining Boolean value for some condition.


I Have Boolean line item for a module which consists of country and employee List as dimension. for another module having country as dimension and one boolean line item how can i check boolean line item as true if any one of the employee data for that particular country is true in source module(consists of employee and Country List as a dimension )


  •  Hi @Malya727 ,



    I tried to replicated your issue.

    I have created module having country and employee List and Boolean Line item and Line item Country List formatted.





    I have created another module having country list Only with boolean line item where I have written formula. it will be true if any one of the employee data is there.






    Hope it will help you.





  • Hello @Malya727 

    You can use the formula x[ANY:y][ANY:y]


    In your source module (dimensioned by Country and employee) you add a line item (I called it "Item Country") formatted with the country list and containing the country item. For that, you can create (if you don't have it already) a system module SYS Country that has a List item line item 




     and reference it.


    Module by country and employee.jpg


    Then, in your target module (dimensioned by Country) you can use the x[ANY:y] formula


    'Module by Country and Employee'.Boolean[ANY: 'Module by Country and Employee'.Item Country]




    Module by country.jpg


    Hope this helps