New Modeling Experience - Enhancements to Syntax Highlighter / Formula Editor


The syntax highlighter in the formula editor (new modeling experience) is good for simple formulas but in general too basic in comparison to the A+ plugin or any standard syntax highlighter used in coding tools.


As a model builder I want to have the following additional features in place

- see IF THEN ELSE with line breaks and tabs

- stronger colouring for the individual Formula parts 

- highlight all parts of the formula also +/- () [] etc.

so that I can better read and write more advanced formulas.


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  • cmahaffy

    Completely agree. This new update removed the compatibility with the A+ plugin (shown below) so that you cannot see breaks in the formula for IF THEN functions. I'm also not sure why you cannot adjust the size of the formula box so that you can see more of the formula. Seems like this update was more of a step back to making formula writing easier. 



    Formula Syntax.PNG

  • I hope the developers can make it like how A+ does it. It's much easier to see especially if you have nested conditionals and a lot of Sum/Lookup functions being used. I don't like how it's fixed at the bottom of the window and I can't have an option to see how my formula is broken down horizontally. Line breaks are possible now though, but quite difficult with the horizontal formula field. Hope both views can be available if we don't want to let go of the current design. 

  • I wish I could give this one more likes.  I had to revert to the old UX because I have become so used to using all the features of A+.

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