NUX restrict access - rename please

I find the Restrict Access naming very ambiguous and always have to test it to confirm how it works.  This screen is not restricting access but Granting access.  I click a user Role to grant it access.  I accept that deselecting is restricting but .....

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  • I agree that this is confusing, and difficult with respect to maintenance. For example, if I have a page that I do not want my "Planner" role to be able to access, I have to go into the page, go to page settings/restrictions, and then select ALL roles except that one role to create the proper security.  It would be much more clear and simple if I could select which role(s) I want to restrict from the page.  Even better, and hopefully on the roadmap, would be an administrative control page, similar to the old Contents settings page, where I could set up access by page and role for all pages in one screen. 

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