Level 1 Module Building Exam - Model Building Activity 5


Help, I get all zeros for my results after building the formula in EMP02 Employee Expenses. When I set the Role to list, The text disappeared in my SYS08 Employee Details. I am two hours into this without a solution. Here are some screen shots:

SYS08 missing data in Role column


Role line item as a list "Role"



Formula example I am using


EMP02 showing zeros.


I can only get text in SYS08 if I set the Roles line item to text but then the formula won't work!





  • Hi,


    I am trying to write the same formulas and am getting the below error message.  Were you able to solve for this error message?  I feel like I've missed something in the set up of E3 Roles but I keep going back and looking and don't see anything wrong.  TIA.




  • No solution yet. Something in the mapping or formatting must be off when I imported to the list or the module. I think the import of SYS08 Employee details didn't marry up some how. It's not the best way but you could manually add the roles to SYS08.

  • @HaddoxCommunityAccount @CaitlinHester 

    I can provide some general guidance but I can not give you the solution as you need to work through this test independently. 


    LOOKUPS require a list formatted line item and it is through a lookup that you direct the formula to the correct dimensions in the source data. 


    Changing the format of a line item is a destructive action and will result in all data entered against that line item being lost.


    These are two items of guidance which should allow you to both solve the issues you are experience.


    Good luck