Level 2 sprint 3 activity 3.3.4 TRA01


I have been trying to figure out the formulas in this activity, I know that YEARVALUE function would be used with LOOKUP function. I am not able to figure out so as to what the mapping dimensions should be for LOOKUP as P3 SKU and G3 Locations are not lists. These are only dimensions I can think of as of now.
Please guide me through this if someone can. 



  • Hey, could you please upload the screenshot of your query so everyone in the community has a clear picture regarding your doubt and then we can help you in a better way.





  • @rps98 

    A few points to help you think through the query and hopefully lead you to the correct solution.

    • It is not possible to combine YEARVALUE() and LOOKUP() in the same formula
    • LOOKUP takes a grid dimensioned by the target list and lookups up another dimensions via a line item. This line item must be list formatted.
    • LOOKUP does not work with text formatted line items as text is meaningless.

    Good luck

  • rps98
    Thanks for answering. i was able to construct the formula. I eventually didn't use LOOKUP. Thanks for explaining