Referencing models in another workspace in real time


Can a calculation referencing a line item from a model in a different workspace be accomplished in real-time?  Or will it require other forms of interfacing? 


  •  @CommunityMember85555 referencing from models even in same workspace is not available, I recommend to have an action which can bring data into your spoke model and use that.

    can you explain use case in detail because if your are trying to refer a line item you can create one in your current model and import data from source model.

  • You'd be needing to create an import that brings through the data item to a line item and then reference that.

    Could then automate that flow using your favourite integration tool and have it scheduled for as frequently as required.

  • Save a subsystem in a separate file and reference it in a model. a subsystem to a separate file you can reuse it multiple times by using Subsystem Reference blocks referencing the same subsystem file. A referenced subsystem supports all the semantics of a regular subsystem. Does not have a model workspace.



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