Changing switchover is giving circular references error


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I'm trying to move forward the switchover date for 1 version in a model and I'm getting a circular reference error message.  This is the first time that this has happened.  Any ideas what would be causing this / how to fix?  FYI - the error message shows a giant list of references that it says are impacted.





  • First thought - are you referencing another version using SELECT where you are pulling data from one version into another?
    Would be interested in hearing how this query get resolved!
  • Really difficult to debug this :(

    Never encountered. 


    Another thing to consider is that all cells related to the months previous to the Switchover for a Forecast version are physically Actual cells. 

    Indeed, if you look at the number of cells in the modules where switchover are activated you will notice that moving forward the Switchover it will decrease the number of cell in that module. 


    To be checked into the model:

    - combination of SELECT on Version and/or Time list used in some formula

    - system module to manually setup Last Actual month... Maybe this needs to be changed before moving forward the switchover?



  • jbrass

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    Thank you for your help here.  It figured out the root of the problem.  There was a line item that had version scoping set to "actual only" and the formula that I had there pointed to a forecast version.  This logic was working in the model but seemed not to like it when the switchover changed.  I removed that logic (although I did want it!) and switchover changes now work.