Period() Function -- Driven by Model Calendar Settings?


Hi All,

Was doing some review reading and saw the note on the Period() function, for which I've always been a bit "hazy".  ...From the instructions, it looks like the key thing is that results of this one are driven by/determined by the settings in the Model Calendar ("Time Bounds"?):

  • Result must fall within the Time bounds of the model


For instance, in the documentation examples, a February, 2015 date is provided, and the line item calc in question returns a value for basically the period of the month of "February".  Seems like this could only work if the timescale already set for 2015.  Otherwise, how would the system know, right?


@PERIOD - Anaplan Technical Documentation


  • Think of Time as a list like any other (which it is, just treated slightly differently) 


    PERIOD(...) returns an item from the Time list - the valid items of the Time list are defined by the Timescale (and Time Ranges!) of the mode.