Unable to edit the cell



I'm trying to make the last cell "SDR Action Plan" editable but it doesn't allow me to do it. Please let me know what mistake I've made.








  • Just a guess, but your page selector is on "All Types" which sounds like a Summary item. 


    Cell inputs can only be done at the base/leaf-level item of a list. Change the page selector to such a base item, and you will be able to enter some text/commentary. 

  • Hi @kevin.cho 


    You are right. I've overlooked this part. I'm able to edit it after I choose a child level. 


    I have another question. I've key in some inputs as shown below.



    But when I choose it back to "All types", I'm unable to see the input that I've keyed in. Why is that so? 




  • You can summarize at top level by selecting the summary method in blueprint, if it text it wont show you all the text which is there at lower level, you can either choose firstnonblank or lastnonblank for text as summary.




  • @abhay.kanik is correct - for Text formatted line items, the default summary method is None - so nothing shows up.


    Unfortunately, the only options provided are "FIRSTNONBLANK", "LASTNONBLANK" and Formula for text.