New UX and New builder UI join links

I see a big advantage of newly came updated builder UI which has a direct link to a tab in the URL.


Using it builders and users could open classic UX with not just a main page of the model, but the specific module mentioned in a card or at a worksheet in UX. Or maybe even to open the specific Module view (if it's not a Custom view) if it was applied in UX.


Here is how I see it (with toggled Use the new model experience on the Models page):


1) In new UX user chooses some module and clicks on [...] to see options and opens the source module


2) The link opens new builder UI in the next tab of the browser with the direct link to selected module (view if possible)




Currently, unfortunately, user will get to blank source module or the landing page max.






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  • Hi,

    We have recently added the ability to open source model and open source module from the UX into the new modeling experience based on the value of the toggle as suggested.


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