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For your assistance please. I want to get the average of the past 3 months, however, the average result should be post to the remaining months. In the screenshot below, I created three lines items:

Commission % - input data

Latest 3 Months Average (Comm%) - I used this formula MOVINGSUM(Commission %, -2, 0, AVERAGE)

Previous 3 Months Average (Comm%) -  please see formula in the screenshot.


How can I post the 5% (average of Jan, Feb, Mar) for the month of April to Dec onwards?



Thank you 🙂


Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    If you are not use Current Period then you can LOOKUP the average and post this forward.

    For this you will need to create a module containing no dimensions or time. Add a time period formatted line item and use this to inform the LOOKUP.


  • @DMManalili 

    I assume that there is a cut off point from which you want all future periods to be populated with the three month average. I will for this post assume that you are using current period.

    If so you can use 

    =IF ISCURRENTPERIOD(END()) THEN MOVINGSUM(Commission %, -2, 0, AVERAGE) ELSE PREVIOUS(Previous 3 Months Average (Comm%))

    However, I would recommend that you use a time system module to query the Current Period as this will be useful in other formulas.

  • Thank you! 🙂