Anaplan "Concat" & "Nested IF" Best practices


Hi Anaplaners,


I have a module with 5 Line Items, all formatted as text.

I have to concatenate the first 4 and give the output in 5th. However , out of the first 4 only the ones which have a specific value will be concatenated. (Eg. if 1st is "ABC" only then it will be a part of concatenation else not.) So there can be 16 possible outputs.


What i can think of is creating 4 boolean formatted line items and using If. 

Considering that both Concatenation & Nested If's are against Anaplan best practices, any suggestions would be appreciated.









  • This article is the place to begin thinking about the solution Formula Optimization in Anaplan 

    The reason why is shown in my recent article, Memory Usage From Text Concatenation 


    I think you need to break down which combinations are valid and have those as booleans, but instead of a complicated IF statement is there a way to identify these items in a list or even a layer below that have this data as list formatted rather than text?


    The key point will be to do as much of this at the lowest cell counts possible, sounds like everything might be at the same dimensionality here though.

    Try also to eliminate the most likely missing values first in the booleans, and if possible do the checks for valid text as soon as possible in the model, at their source, and set to blank instead of pushing text values through the model that won't be used because their invalid in a later check...

    I haven't got any better solutions than yours though, hopefully some good modelers will add to this!
    Try what you have planned, split as much out separately as possible to reduce complexity and test as you go, keep an eye on the calculation times...