Compare Display names of two numbered lists


I've two numbered lists Numbered List 1 (storing a set of product codes) and Numbered List 2 (storing another set of product codes). - Product codes are stored in Display Name property Two modules - Module 1 based on Numbered list 1 and Module 2 based on Numbered list 2. In module 2, I've a line item which needs to check if product code in Numbered List 2 exists in Numbered list 1 or not and accordingly value will be decided. Not able to use lookup as lookup will return the line item and not the display name property. I am also not able to compare the display name directly as there is no common dimension.  Is there a workaround available for this, I just need to find if the particular value in List 2 exists in List 1 or not.


  • Hi Aseem,

    Is there a way you can set up an import that stamps the Display Name into the list CODE?  Then you can use the FINDITEM function to do a search across the lists.  Happy to give more details if you'd like, hope that sends you in the right direction!

    -Chris Weiss
  • Hi Murteza

    Is there a option of not using numbered list in your case as then it would be easy, if you are going with numbered list then the unique description display is not required and hence it might be very tough to acheive your requirement.
  • Thanks for the reverts!

    Don't have an option of using general lists as there is repetition of product codes and also need to give options of adding new products from dashboards.

    Can this be worked around with following approach:
    Making these two numbered lists subsets of a master list and checking this master list for check in the subset flags? If both subset flags are checked, then the product exists in both lists?

  • Dear Aseem yes you can do that

    Even better would be as below:

    1) Create Master List
    2) Make the numbered list display property as list formatted and select master list
    3) Now for list 1 and list 2 you can only select the value present in the master list and you need not perform the check at all