NEW UX Automatically generate code in forms


End users have to populate Code manually when using Form. This can generate manual errors. 

It would be very helpful if we can generate codes automatically based on name or other properties of the list.

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  • u06gr8

    This would be incredibly useful. The ability to add a form to a process would allow even more flexibility here.


    Exception handling - where the user is permitted to enter a code, but where the requested code is already taken - would also be incredibly useful (link below).



    There's no warning to tell the user there's a potential issue, then on "create" the model is timed out for n seconds/minutes, and when the error had processed, the error doesn't give an appropriate response (i.e. "you ave attempted to create a line item with a code that already exists").


    Forms are a fantastic new release, the above mentioned would help take them to the next level.


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