Level 1 Model Building - Exam



How many attempts are allowed to pass the Level 1 Model Building - Exam if we did clear in 1st attempt.



Shashank Gupta




  • 3 Attempts

  • @guptashashank198648 As I can see you are asking about if you "did clear" the exam.

    Irrespective of you have passed or failed the test; if you are looking to improve your score you could still be able to give only 3 attempts. 

    And you can re-take the test after 2+ years when the Level 1 certifications expire; or when Level 1 course is improvised by the academy team.



  • And if did not clear the exam in 1st attempt then how many attempts we have to clear the exam please.

  • @guptashashank198648 Number of attempts are always fixed. It is 3.

  • WHere can I see the link for attempting the exam of level 1

  • Hi @Prudhvikumar under the Academy tab we have 'Course catalog' & 'My Record of Learning' from there one can navigate to the Anaplan Level1 Model building course and attempt the exam.

  • Where to register for this exam?

  • Hi @emilychehn88,

     I recommend checking out the learning center, this is where you will find self paced training and videos lessons https://learning.anaplan.com/totara/dashboard/index.php?id=160  . The Level 1 model builder course will take you thought a theoretical model building exercise and does a great job to oriented you to the basic concepts.

    After completing L1 course you will be able to take the exam.


    Balarama Krishna D