Increasing the width of Page Selector Dropdown box on Classic



We have composite lists which are combination of SKU/Stores, Styles/Market Channels which have long names. When we have the combination lists as page selectors on the classic dashboard grids, the user is not able to see the label of combination list to choose from. Is there a way or future plan to be able to resize the page selector dropdown to automatically pick the width of longest list item member? 
Users are currently manually picking one after another dropdown as they are not able to see the values. 
We already use global filters etc, but it is just that users have too many overrides/changes to apply and feel it tedious to update filters for each combination list selection. They prefer page selectors as a better workflow.

New UX is not an immediate solution we can approach as we have a many dashboards and also 100+ users to be trained. It is not in scope for this year.

I have attached the screenshot of issue we are facing, please consider to increase the width of the page selectors  if possible.



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  • This issue also persists on the Anaplan - New model building experience.

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