UX: Card Title and Link to Page


I think it would make a lot of sense for the 'Title' of a Card to be separate from the 'Link to Page' on a card.

When my title is just a title, then there is no confusion to the end user.  When my title becomes a link then it is not intuitive for the user to understand where the link is going to take them. 


For example, as a title it reads 'Revenue Gap to Target', as a Link it reads 'Revenue Gap to Target >' and changes colour.  At this point the user is not aware where this link is going to take them.  Yes, I appreciate that if the 'Description' is filled in for the card then an 'i' appears when you hover over the title, but it would be slicker if this tooltip appears just when you hover over the now linked title (or there could be separate text for a link), and there would be no confusion between the description of the card v the description for the link.


I hope that all makes sense!


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