Leveraging Excel File with Formulae


Hi all, I am in possession of an Excel file which for the purposes of documentation, has a list of all accounts and their respective formulae. For example, a line may have: Name: Code: [OpStatement100] Formulae: [Opstatement50 x Opstatement75]  (anything within square brackets is the literal text of what is withing the cell - for formulae, it is not a formula but merely a representation) (where Opstatemement50 might be "Sale Price" and Opstatement75 might be "Volume") Given the ability of Anaplan to import lists, does there exist a way to format this file so that it may be leveraged and imported into Anaplan so that the formulae are also imported, when building a model that is meant to mimic this exact logic?


  • Hi Benson,

    You can import the file into a module blueprint, but this will only import the line item names and codes, and any parent-child hierarchy if there is one. To do this, go into the module blue print and click Import. The interface from there is just like any other file import.

    Once the line items have been added, you can copy & paste the other information into the bluerint (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V). This is very quick if you only have a few modules to process, but it will only work if you have the formats of all the line items. Paste the formats first, then then formulae, then the summary methods. If you haven't got all that information you may not be able to recreate the module at all.

    You can only import one module at a time this way, and you'll also have to create the modules manually first! I don't think there's any way to recreate a whole model in one go.