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The old table formatting (Headings 1-3, Summary 1-3) gave the builder proper options to customise a table. The New UX does not have a BOLD option, nor options other than a single lines (sometimes doubles are needed). In addition, the cell fill is available only in one colour. Please remedy this as the impression from users is that the New UX has moved backward, and we (as builders) are being requested to build/share/publish using the OLD UX 😞

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  • sprender
    edited March 2023


    We have introduced a number of formatting settings to the presentation table on the report page including themes, summary styles and individual row/column formatting including Bold, Italic, Underline as well as number scaling, % formatting and colour styling. We also plan on adding the themes and summary style options to the Board and Worksheet grids as well.


    The grid border width is more technically challenging so this update will be further down the line.

  • Great! Is it possible to format parent item of a list hierarchy?

  • @LouiseBourgonjon You can accomplish something like this in a presentation table on a Report page, but you would need to manually apply a style to each parent item.

    On Boards and Worksheets, you can only set summary-specific formatting for Time and Line Items:

  • thanks for coming back to me @ryan_kohn. I am looking to apply formatting in a worksheet

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