Anaplan UX Color Scheme by Model - Alternatives Color scheme depends on environment


You can now toggle the model source within a page in New UX.

There's no easy visual way to know if you are in your Dev or Prod environment.

Having the ability to change Anaplan default blue color scheme to something else driven by Model level attribute, would allow us to quickly see if we are in the Dev vs Prod model (ie: Red vs Blue scheme, see attached)


How many times have you ran actions in the wrong environment (Dev / UAT / Prod)?

How about the ability to select a back color option for the top section (Anaplan logo and menu) on a per model basis?

That way, when you run an action in Prod, and you know your Prod is blue and the top bar is Red... you can't miss it!

Right now the added (DEV) in the Model name is easily missed.


User story:
As a Anaplan Modeler, I would like to setup a color scheme for my Anaplan top bar on a per model basis.

This would allow me to color code different models (ie: Finance vs Sales vs Strategy and/or Dev vs UAT vs PROD).

The number of color scheme options? The more the merrier, but at least 3 would be my suggestion.

See below my non-artistic talent of how the toolbar change could visually be impactful.

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  • Edited the post to add new UX reality on Model Source within same page.

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