line item: First week of timescale?


how do I build the formula in 'Sys01 time settings by week' for this line item


  • how do I build the formula in 'Sys01 time settings by week' for this line item i was looking at currentperiodstart and comparing it with start... cant quite figure out the relationship
  • @Donna Marie 


    if this doesn't answer your question, it might be helpful to attach a couple of pictures. But, to return the first period of the timescale, you can use the LAG function formatted as a bolean.



  • You need to get the current week against week dimension in a line item and keep the summary as "First Non-Blank" - It will set the value at all time periods=First Week of Time scale. Here are the two line items:




    The formula for boolean is: ITEM(Time) = First Week of Timescale[SELECT: TIME.All Periods]


    Hope, this is what you are looking for.

  • The learning materials hinted offset function


    should i use offset(1,-1,0)  = 0

  • what if first week of timescale is set as a Boolean?

  • @Donna Marie 


    No, with LAG and if you want to go back, you use a positive 1 as what I showed above.  If you use negative 1, it will go into the future (like a LEAD).



  • Yes - that would the result. Line item names in the screenshot, I shared are somewhat misleading.


    Line Item 1 - We can name it ItemWeek - dimensioned to Time - week

    ItemWeek= Item(Time) - Summary would be first non-blank

    Results of this would be:

     Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4________________All Periods
    ItemWeekWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4________________Week 1


    First Week of Time Scale? :    ItemWeek=ItemWeek[Select: Time.All Periods]


    This would only be true for Week 1.


    Hope, this answers.