Confirmed PO Delivery - offset function




i am trying to determine the formula of this line item - confirmed PO Delivery for INV01 inventory ordering module in Sprint 3


was working on the hints given to use offset function and if PO request if 1


came up with this but couldn't quite figure out how to use the offset function


if PO submitted = 1 then offset ( ?, shipping time weeks, 0)


if submit a PO request, then have to offset based on the shipping time weeks needed to ship to deliver

if shipping time requires 3 weeks. In week 3, the confirm po delivery has a value of 1


not sure if i am thinking it through correctly the formula


  • Hello @Donna Marie,


    The following questions will lead you to the answer


    1. Does the hint ask you to use OFFSET function

    2. There can be more than one shipments that can arrived into a week, OFFSET can only offset from one week, which function will help you to OFFSET from multiple weeks.




  • These are the hints given:

    • Set the Confirmed PO Delivery line item to use the PO Submitted 1 value and OFFSET it based on the number of weeks between the order and delivery.

      For example, if a PO Submitted has a value in Week 1 and the Shipping Time Weeks has a value of 2, there would be a value of 1 in the Confirmed PO Delivery line item in Week 3.
    • Use the OFFSET function and reference the Shipping Time Weeks line items (should pull the value from the periods prior).

    how do I build the formula for this line item : confirmed PO delivery


    its not showing up correctly if I build it as :


    if po submitted = 1 then offset (po submitted, shipping time weeks, 0) else 0

  • Misbah

    @Donna Marie 


    No, I don't think there is any need to write IF ELSE Statement here. Just Try OFFSET(PO Submitted, -Shipping Time Weeks, 0)


    In the later lessons you will be asked to replace OFFSET with another or more appropriate function. But as of now stick to OFFSET.


    Hope this helps


  • i managed to resolve it and have got past this activity

    now looking to revise the offset function to future period rather than previous period

  • How to fix the formulas: 

    • Update the formulas for line items: Confirmed PO Delivery and Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt.
    • Use a function similar to OFFSET that can use another line item to define the number of previous periods to offset the value and that can add up selected periods in a time scale.

    is this still using offset or post

  • I faced the same issue I used this formula but the results are not populated yet


    OFFSET('PO(Purchase Order) Submitted', Shipping Time Weeks, 0)




  • Why is a minus sign used in from of the shipping time weeks? if it is pushing it out by 2 weeks as an example... don't understand the logic behind the minus sign.
  • Hi Misbah,


    Can you help me understand why - sign here?


  • @SwapnaB , @suzboyd

    I guess the reason to use negative is because it is mentioned in the hints where it is indicating to pull prior periods,

    Hope my thought is correct @Misbah. Plz correct me if I am wrong


    Muizz S.