[BUG] Line item format vs value format (YEAR vs MONTH)


Hi Anaplan Devs,

I have probably just found an error/bug. 



2 line items, one formatted as Period:Month (let's call it LI_A) and second as Period:Year (LI_B)

Value in LI_A:  Apr 21 (or any other month period)

Formula in LI_B: LI_A -1

Expected result: FY21 or FY20 or ERROR (basically if successful then formatted as Year)

Real Result: Mar 21 (format in contradiction to Line Item format)


As a result of the formula we get data in the format that is not aligned with the desired one. I have not tested whether using this LI further behave as month or year, but i assume that this situation should not exist. What is interesting- if the formula in LI_B is turmed into LI_B=LI_A (quite similar but without deduction) then Anaplan is throwing an error (one of the expected results in my case).


Please provide me feedback about my observation