Custom Time Aggregation


Dear Anaplan Experts,


Would it be possible to build a custom time aggregation function while still being able to leverage our system time functions?


For example, I am doing some salary calculations at the granularity level of day, then I would like to aggregate the period of 2022-05-25 2022-06-24 to June 2022 because our payroll calendar is not inline with the model calendar.  So when we say June's salary, we mean May 25 to June 24. 


Would it be possible?





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  • rob_marshall
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    To accomplish this, check out the following...


    I have a SYS Time Month module which tells me the start and end dates for the calculation.




    In my data module (by day), I have the transactional detail, a line item telling me the month which will be used for a lookup, and the data to be summed.




    The formula for the data to sum is: 


    IF START() >= sys month david.Start Date[LOOKUP: Month] AND START() <= sys month david.End Date[LOOKUP: Month] THEN Transactional ELSE 0



    The result is:



    Hope this helps,



  • abhay.kanik
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    You can create a list with fake time and map it with the days you have . You will need a module with time on day scale and a line item. which will be mapped to each day.


    Fake time sys.PNG

    I suppose you data is something like this -

    fake time data.PNG

    In the final module there should be both actual time and fake time , there sum the line item by fake time mapping you did in system module.

    the final output will be like this, formula you can see in the image below - 

    Fake month final.PNG


    while native summary by time like like this-

    normal time.PNG