Enhance "Delete from List Using Selection" by accepting filters in combination with Users list


As a model builder, I would like to have the possibility to create an action with the option "Delete from List Using Selection" by using booleans line-items in combination with the Users List additional the List where it is needed to delete the elements. 


Currently, when trying to build an action  "Delete from List Using Selection"  are shown only the booleans line-item where the "apply to" contains only the List where the elements need to be deleted. 


It would be really helpful if the filter to delete elements from the list would accept also the combination of that List with the Users...this way a user can delete from a list based on a filter that is valid for "Current User". 


Users is a very particular quality: is the only list which in filtering has the option to apply the filter "Current User". 

Why not open the possibility to delete elements from a list based on a filter which is valid for the "Current User"?


Use-case: Imagine a numbered list that has a line-item where is stored the "Users" and the user wants to delete all the elements of the numbered list which have values = with Current User logged in. 

Similar to this: 





What do you think?



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  • This is absolutely needed. I'm currently forced to build an **** workaround to only delete elements that have been imported by a particular user.

  • @jclevy!

    Wondering what your workaround was in the end?


    Facing a similar problem right now. I published an action to delete from list using selection on a dashboard and want to make sure that if someone ticks a boolean by mistake or they are not yet ready with all the input, that another user doesn't pick-up their changes as well when running the action on their side.


    Thank you!

  • @MadalinaVasile Here is the my workaround: 


    You know that a process is not interruptible by any other user, so we are going  to create a module that will contain the current user during the execution time of the process and use that information in the boolean line item used in your delete action.


    So you create a module named "Current Process User" with two line items:

      - User (format: Users, applies to: Users, formula: item(Users)

      - CurrentProcessUser (format: Users, applies to:nothing, formula: nothing)

    - then you modify the module's "Users list" attribute from "Show all users: on" to "Show all users: off"

    - then, in this module, you create a "Current User" view that displays only the "User" line item

    - and then you can create a "Set Current Process User" import in this module to copy this "User" line item into the "CurrentProcessUser" line item


    For your Delete action, you will create a process that will have this "Set Current Process User" import as its first action, and then in your boolean, you will be able to use the "CurrentProcessUser" line item to identify the user that is currently running the process.


    Of course this works because the process is not interruptible and will have all its actions executed before anything else will happen inside the Anaplan's model.

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