Query sales order data into sku properties


I am currently working with a dataset that has all sales order information and have the goal of creating a boolean formula to mark true if a sale on a product has occurred in the last two years.


The data module and sku modules are related based on a column with item ID numbers, but I am having trouble pulling the sales date from the data to the sku module. 


I have attempted to select the date column and have tried using the x[LOOKUP: y] formula, but am getting errors relating to "module doesn't have a built in top level".


How have you brought in sales dates into a sku module?


Thank you!


  • @Zack 


    I would suggest reading this article:  https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Best-Practices/Data-Hubs-Purpose-and-Peak-Performance/ta-p/48866


    and pay special attention to the "Good Way"



  • @Zack you do not necessarily need to bring the sales dates from data sales order module to SKU module. 

    You can create a boolean line-item in data sales module where you put TRUE when Sales date is in the last 2 years. 


    To bring the information from the data sales order module to SKU module you can use ANY as an aggregation method...similar to x[ANY: y]


    Hope it helps



  • Zack

    @alexpavel Thank you for this. This is along the lines of our current solution!

  • Zack

    @rob_marshall Thank you for the Data Hub article. Unfortunately, for this project, we are not rebuilding the data hub and it looks like when it was created it was using the "Bad Way" logic in your article.