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Would nice if Anaplan had even a small document repository/storage/library. Example: uploading a PDF and then having the ability to hyperlink to that PDF from an Anaplan dashboard.

In the incentive compensation world, we have a lot of PDFs for signed/executed plan docs, and being able to store/view them in Anaplan would be wonderful.

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  • traynham

    Agreed, and it would be even better if the PDFs could be created by models via actions and linked with dashboards/pages through additional actions.

  • This could be very useful and allow an extension of Anaplan into more business functions!

  • AnasB

    We also have this need at a client, would be really great! @traynham

  • nvaddadhi

    This will be very useful feature and add more value for business!

  • SriniSonga

    Agreed, this would be very useful feature.

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