Enhanced NUX Drill Down


Currently the drill down functionality within the NUX does not offer the ability to filter/auto filter zeros, sort or maximize the drill down window within a board or worksheet. 


There are some updates that I'd like to see to the NUX drill down functionality so that it more closely resembles the classic user experience. This currently includes:

  • User enabled filtering on column
  • Sort on column
  • Maximize drill down window
  • Drill to transaction (Automatic drill to transaction on eligible lines)
  • Ability to run history on drill down cells

In addition, I would also like to see some net new pieces of functionality, which could include:

  • No indentation of row headers
  • Maintain conditional formatting on drill down cells
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  • HI @Bhaidani1 that is something which I would also like to see. Mostly Drill Down to Transactions and maximization of the drill down window.

  • To add to this, it’s difficult to read the full name of the module I’ve drilled to. It gets cut off by having only one column inch to read it and I can’t expand the sidebar. That’s the biggest problem because I essentially need to do all investigative root cause analysis drilling in the modeling layer, rendering New UX drill down not useful for many user-facing use cases.


    And not being able to open that module from the page is also a must have to enable comparable functionality to classic dashboards.



  • Any update on this? We just discovered the lack of Alt+F8 functionality in the NUX comparable to classic and it greatly impacts our ability to use the NUX for certain things.

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