Level 2 Sprint 3 - Inventory Ordering Module Formulas


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After working on the formulae in this section , the expected result is not as shown is section

Please find attached the screenshots of the "my output", "expected output" and the "Sys01 time setting". Request you to guide me where am I committing the mistake so that I can proceed.


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  • @rajuvendra01 Thank you for your reply.


    I will again check on this and get back to you.




  • Hi @rajuvendra01 


    I had committed two errors:

    • First is that the ROUNDing to be applied for the line item Initial Demand forecast (DEM03 Demand Forecast module) was wrong. I corrected this first. Because of this, the line items like Forecast demand, Suggested Order Amount for the Month were all getting calculated incorrectly.
    • Secondly, as suggested I revisited the formula for "ending inventory" and noticed that the sequence I was trying to subtract the Sum of Beginning Inventory  and Confirm Purchase Order Receipt with Forecast demand was wrong.

    Thank you for providing the hint.