hierarchy list and child list



When I check list items in the parent hierarchy, I want to create a mechanism to check all items in the child hierarchy.

What i should do?

Please help me.


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  • Vinay VaradarajM

    Hi @KubotaNatsuki ,


    In your query, assuming 'Check' = assigning  to a list item in parent list, you can Lookup the parent property (which @ChrisAHeathcote explained) to apply it to child items pertaining to that parent.





  • Hi @KubotaNatsuki 


    You'll need to provide more information.

    I find that a working sample on Excel that you attach here normally helps.




  • @KubotaNatsuki 

    Create a module dimensioned by the child list. 

    Add a list formatted line item containing the parent list.

    Use; ITEM(PARENT('Child List')) to pull through the parent of the list item.

    Now you can see the parent of each child list item in a single location. If a child list item does not have a parent then the result will be blank.

  • Misbah



    Shouldn't it be PARENT(ITEM(Child List))?



  • ha!

    Yes you are right.


  • Thank you for your reply!

    I got it to use Lookup!! 
    Thank you!!

  • Thanks for your reply!

    I can do it to use 'Lookup' and 'Parent' function!
    Thank you so much!

  • @KubotaNatsuki 

    While using LOOKUP will return the parent list item as per a mapping module dimensioned by the child item but the formula will not be as efficient as using PARENT.