AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides


for the override amount write? line item


is my formulae correct


'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Override Suggested Order Amount? AND 'Submit Purchase Order - Write?'


  • Hi Marie


    Based on the info you provided, my understanding is that you have 3 booleans:

    1. Override Suggested Order Amount? (in INV01 module)
    2. Submit Purchase Order - Write? (in AD02 module)
    3. override amount write? (in AD02 module)

    And only if both 1 & 2 are checked as True, then the 3rd boolean takes a True value. If this is the business logic that you want to build then your formula is correct.

    But probably you can share the context (your module set up, line item set up, business logic you intend to build) where the formula is applied, if my understanding is not what you intend to build.




  • yes this is where the use was intended


    however, this is not marked as correct during exam

    was using chrome for the exam so not sure if chrome formatting was impacting the formatting required for the exam setting

  • Hi Marie


    I believe you are taking the Level 2 Model Building exam on the supply chain use case?

    Then I suppose you need to read through the boolean requirements again. The 3rd Boolean Override Amount - Write? in AD02 is the combination of 1st Boolean (which you got it correct already) AND another one instead of the current Submit Purchase Order - Write? that you are using. 


    Hence, it is marked as wrong due to the wrong business logic not in terms of purely whether the formula works or not or Chrome formatting (I am using Chrome also). 




  • Are you suggesting that I do not use suggested purchase order request Boolean line item


    But this is conditional so that user can override suggested order amount?


    what other line items are there ??