Spreading amounts


Hi Anaplan Experts,

I'm not using native time and wanna use the SPREAD function. However, This function needs a time scale. Some functions can't run in custom time, such as OFFSET, LEAD, PREVIOUS, ETC.

What are your thoughts on calculating asset depreciation with the LOOKUP function?. 


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  • Hi @wandis 


    I would suggest taking a hard look at why you're not using standard time, because as you rightly discovered, you're not able to use some of the most powerful formula and keywords associated with native time within Anaplan.


    But if you must present your final numbers with fake time, then i would suggest that you do all your calculations in CALC modules with native time, so that you can use those SPREAD, OFFSET, LEAD, PREVIOUS, etc formulas, before you do a LOOKUP connecting your REP modules with the CALC modules.


    Otherwise, coming up with workarounds to simulate the effect of SPREAD, OFFSET, LEAD, PREVIOUS, etc will likely waste more space, and make it less sustainable for future model building.




  • wandis

    Hi LipChean,

    All data input is in custom time. Could you advise me to link native time and custom time?. 



  • Hi @wandis 


    Can you put up some screen shots to explain why the input is in custom time?




  • @wandis 

    You can run all your calculations using Anaplan time and then map them back into your custom time list.

    Here you will be able to use all time functions as required but will then present your calculations back using your custom time list. 

    The drawback here is that you will have to manage the mapping table. Ideally, set this up in such a way that the mapping is automatic otherwise you will need to update it manually each time. 

    I would also question why you have chosen to use a non native time list as this should always be your last option once you have fully explored the possibility of using native time.