Run multiple 'Delete Actions' at once


There should be an option to run multiple delete actions at once under the Actions tab.

PROS: Time Save

Faster execution (Extra space)



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  • Or you could just create a process for them. Particularly if the actions are linked.

  • Hi andrewtye,


    Yes, we can use process if there are static set of actions.

    However, we should have an option to selectively pick the delete actions we want to run at that given point.




  • @NehaSharma 


    From an end users perspective or from a Workspace Admin perspective?  If from an endusers perspective, you really want people deleting data that they might not fully understand?

  • Here, I am referring to the cut-off phase of the project. 

    Model Builder would be well aware of the data.






  • Thank you @riyazpasha