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I am new to  Anaplan.


I would like to have a formula that pulls data from module A if the month is earlier than say Feb 2021 and to extract value from module B if the month is from Mar 2021 onwards. What is the formula to do this please? Thank you.

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  • LipChean_Soh
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    Hi @CHSJ 


    To add to what @jakesachs , you can further enhance the sustainability of the model by creating a reference month that someone (admin pehaps?) can modify.




    1. Creating a dynamic reference month makes sense, because you shouldn't modify this formula every month just to change the time check.

    2. Creating a SYS Mth module is part of our DISCO methodology, where SYS (short for System) refers to 'S' in 'DISCO'. Essentially you want to create a system module so that the same line item can be referenced by other modules somewhere within the module.

    3. Creating a System module obeys the 'Calculate Once, Reference Many times' mantra in 'PLANUAL'.


    Good luck on your Anaplan journey.





  • Hello, your question is a little vague but I think what you need to do is utilize a time settings module with boolean filters. Anaplan provides some time settings apps for you to reference what those modules look like. 


    Basically you would do a simple IF formula based on that boolean. In your time settings module, you'd have a line item that is checked for every month before Feb 2021 and empty for months after. The formula is 'IF (time setting module line item) then Module A ELSE Module B. 


    The formula looks at the time settings module line item, if that month is checked then it pulls the value from module A, else it pulls from module B. 

  • CHSJ
    Thanks! Will give it a try!
  • CHSJ
    Thanks LipChuan. I am totally new so will have to try it out but it makes alot of sense.